TipMeNot Baby Bottle Learning Tool Great Teether No Spil Milk No Bottle Propping No Pacifier Newborn Infant to Toddler Tip Me Not Shower Gift - B011WMMX4K

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  • Learn to independently feed

  • No more bottle propping

  • No more spil milk

  • Great for teething

  • Product Description

    Learning to hold and maneuver a bottle is difficult for most children. Slowly, the baby learns to grasp the bottle. At this point, we lay the baby on its back or in a swing or car seat and allow it to drink from the bottle. We use blankets and baby cloths to prop up the bottle so that it is ang toward the baby's mouth. This is known as "bottle propping" and has been shown to be unhealthy and potentially dangerous. We designed the TipMeNot to overcome this problem.

    The tripod design allows the bottle to sit comfortably on the baby's chest. It keeps the bottle from falling or rolling off the baby's chest. The baby is prompted to use her arms and body to tip and lift the bottle toward her mouth to drink from the bottle. This is difficult to do without the TipMeNot because of the weight of the bottle.

    The leaves of the TipMeNot create a fulcrum at the top of the bottle that shifts the weight of the bottle and the milk away from the baby's mouth. That is, the milk still sits at the bottom of the bottle.The leaves are curved away from the baby which allows her to easily tip the bottle toward her mouth. The fulcrum allows for tipping the bottle without having to lift and bear the full weight of the bottle. This allows the baby to learn to feed herself before she has the strength to fully lift the bottle.

    The TipMeNot allows the baby the ability to easily maneuver the bottle using her arms and hands (as opposed to just holding the bottle with her hands). Allowing your baby to easily maneuver her bottle before she has the dexterity to clinch the bottle effectively with her hands is essential to the early learning process.

    Lastly, the TipMeNot prevents spillage when the baby drops or pushes the bottle to the side. The tripod system keeps the nipple elevated, preventing the contents of the bottle from leaking. No more wet floors, bed sheets, car seat, etc. Rubber is FDA approved. So it is safe for teething. It is dishwasher safe.

    From the Manufacturer

    $2,236 raised with 72 backers.

    Healthy Learning Product

    TipMeNot is the only product on the market addressing the negative aspects of bottle propping while helping babies learn to feed themselves.

    Green Baby Shower Gift

    TipMeNot is the perfect baby shower gift.It's green - literally. Product and packaging are recycleable.

    Easy to hold.

    Stretches to fit most bottles.

    FDA approve rubber for teething.

    Benefits of the TipMeNot

    Learn to self feed without the spil milk. Go ahead and chew away, it's safe for teething. It's dishwasher safe. No more dangerous bottle propping.

    About the Startup

    Describe your product in 3 words.

    Help Baby Learn

    How did you come up with the idea for this product?

    My little girl was slow to learn to hold and feed herself with a bottle. Unaware of the negative effects, we proppoed her bottle with blankets and other devices. She developed earaches. We learned from the doctor that bottle propping was the cause. We looked for something to help her learn without bottle propping. We couldn't find anything. So we invented the TipMeNot.

    What makes your product special?

    It addresses a major health concern for infants, while making the learning process easier for baby and parents. It's a huge benefit to allow the baby to practice without worrying about the spil milk.

    What has been the best part of your startup experience?

    Working together with my wife and brother to make our business a reality.

    TipMeNot Baby Bottle Learning Tool Great Teether No Spil Milk No Bottle Propping No Pacifier Newborn Infant to Toddler Tip Me Not Shower Gift - B011WMMX4K